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Using the Principles of Sustainability, the concept of Design by Beauty, plus the power of Bioactive Ingredients, we have developed a unique complex of active ingredients that help rebalance, restore and revitalise scalp and hair damage caused by lifestyle, styling, environmental and hormonal oxidative stress.  

We strive to balance natural, sustainable solutions with optimal performance and real, tangible results: no compromise.

All our products are British made, unique formulations, personally created and scientifically tested.  bespoke bioactive formulas, crafted with ethically sourced, 100% natural and organic essential oils and active ingredients. The result is a collection of powerful, transformative solutions ranging from 90-99% natural in origin. 

We avoid ingredients that we believe contribute to poor hair health, stifling growth, vitality and shine. We believe the power of our transformative products lies as much in what we leave out of our formulas as what we include. A synchronised alliance of our proprietary Nereus™ Restorative Complex and innovative bio-actives powers results to neutralise oxidative stress, boost natural repair, detox, hydrate, nourish and stimulate the natural hair growth cycle.


Our unique, scientifically create, blend of nourishing oils and extracts bring harmony to scalp and hair in crisis, helping restore calm to irritation, supporting stronger, more resilient hair growth and optimising shine, volume and vitality.

We selected oils to target specific factors that affect hair loss, fragility, breakage, poor condition, dullness and loss of vitality. By balancing and optimising scalp health, hair growth can flourish. This complex is at the heart of our hair care solutions.


Why we love it for your hair

Buddha Wood Oil

A richly aromatic essential oil that helps soothe and calm skin that is reactive, ease itching and encouraging an optimal environment for renewal, supporting healthy hair growth and protecting from oxidative stress.

Organic Bergamot Oil

A zesty, citrus essential oil with a high content of replenishing fatty acids to help smooth the hair cuticle, encourage manageability and provide protection from oxidative stress that damages the resilience of the hair and unsettles the microbiome of the scalp.

Clary Sage

A soothing, restorative essential oil with a herbaceous aroma that helps regulate sebum production, ease a flaky scalp, stimulate and clarify follicles to reduce congestion that causes fragility, breakage and hair loss, resulting in a optimal environment for hair growth.

Lime Distilled (Mexico)

Mouthwateringly refreshing, Lime is a rich source of vitamin C which helps promote the formation of collagen within the skin, which strengthens hair follicles to help support healthy hair growth, while helping balance flaky scalp and boosting shine.

Virginian Cedarwood

With a subtle, woody aroma, this essential oil is renowned to support circulation to the scalp and nourish the hair follicle to support stronger, more resilient hair growth.


A balancing essential oil that helps regulate sebum and optimise the scalp to support strong, healthy hair growth.

Himalayan Cedarwood

A soothing essential oil known to have antibacterial properties to help balance oil production and soothe the scalp, helping support a healthy natural hair cycle.