Here at Nereus London, we started out with a simple but ambitious goal: to make luxury beauty care products that would help fight against the vast amount of plastic polluting our planet.

First things first, we made sure that our company is plastic-free. There’s no plastic used in our packaging, materials, or at any step of the manufacturing, logistics, or delivery process. Everything we use is recyclable and even our labels are biodegradable. 

Nereus London product bottles

With our own waste minimised, our second step was to help with the here and now; tackling the vast amount of plastic pollution already out there. We realised that the best way to reduce the impact of plastic pollution was to work together with a partner that was already fighting the good fight. After an extensive search, we decided to team up with Plastic Bank.

Plastic Bank has revolutionised the world’s recycling systems by creating a regenerative, inclusive, and circular plastic economy. They have made it possible for our customers to make environmentally conscious choices by giving them the opportunity to make a real, tangible, and measurable difference with every purchase. To exemplify, with every bottle of Nereus London sold, Plastic Bank reclaim 1kg of ocean-bound plastic and make sure that it is properly processed and recycled.


    Plastic bank logo

    Our hope is that this partnership will provide a foundation for building a socially and environmentally conscious community, in which our customers can participate and of which they can be proud. That is the Nereus London way.