James and Diana are the dynamic duo behind Nereus London, a highly successful hair and body care brand that creates innovative and highly effective products.

James, with his extensive background in chemical engineering and brand product development, brings a wealth of knowledge to the brand, while Diana grew up working alongside her family hair salon business, giving her a lifelong understanding of all things hair care. Their shared passion for hair, beauty and sustainability has driven them to create products that not only work but also look and feel great.


Nereus London Founders James and Diana


 James Inglesby - Founder and CEO |  Diana Ziegler - Co-founder and Brand Creative Director 

Nereus London's unique blend of botanical extracts, oils and bio actives, known as the Nereus™ Restorative Complex, restores and revives hair, resulting in a healthier, more resilient mane. The brand's commitment to using between 90-99% natural ingredients that are ethically sourced means that customers can make environmentally responsible choices for not only their hair but also the world at large.
Nereus London founders James & Diana
In addition to the products' effectiveness, the brand is also committed to sustainability. The packaging is fully recyclable, and the ingredients are ethically sourced, making it easy for customers to make environmentally responsible choices for not only their hair but also the world at large. James and Diana believe in the power of business to do good, and they strive to create a positive impact on the environment and the communities they work with.
Nereus London founders James & Diana


Nereus London was born out of a need for genuinely sustainable luxury beauty products, without the plastic impact. James and Diana continue to push the boundaries of the hair and body care industry, creating products that are both high-performing and sustainable. With their dedication to quality, authenticity, and accountability, they have established a loyal community of customers who share their values and appreciate the personal touch that their products provide.

Overall, Nereus London is a brand that is built on a solid foundation of expertise and knowledge. Their products are high-performing, sustainable, and designed with a touch of luxury. They continue to innovate and create products that not only meet the needs of their customers but also align with their commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact. Discover the Nereus London experience and join their mission to create a better world for all.



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