To consciously design, luxury high performing natural products. That are formulated with 100% natural, ethically sourced fragrances. Adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom but not at the cost of the environment.

Our Body Wash Design: 

During our shower time we had become tired of having poor performing, synthetic body wash products. After a busy day, we found existing synthetic products from leading brands did not perform practically or sensorially. The harsh water in London also creates skin issues like eczema and de-moisturisation of your skin.

We designed our Body Wash to be as natural as possible but to deliver Efficient Cleaning and Moisturising Performance. Carefully crafted together with our 100% natural, ethnically sourced aromatherapy to deliver a luxury and revitalising shower experience.

Body Wash Formulation Details

Nereus London Madagascan Pink Pepper Body Wash and Packaging

Our Shampoo Design:

Our premium natural Shampoo has been expertly designed to clean your hair whilst leaving it naturally rejuvenated and nourished. We have found that current natural shampoos on the market tend not to lather your hair very well, leaving your hair dry and dull after use. Nereus London natural Shampoos will lather really well, giving you a great wash and rejuvenated body at the same time as releasing the wonderful luxury fragrances.

Shampoo formulation Details

Nereus London products and plastic free packaging

Our Conditioner Design: 

Our premium natural Conditioner has been expertly designed to maximise moisturisation, while delivering a wonderful fragrance. We have found that current natural conditioners on the market tend be sticky and poorly fragranced. Nereus London natural Conditioners are rich and thick (like a hair mask) and also deliver a wonderful fragrances experience. With a thick formulation, you can accurately apply as much or as littler product you require. Controlling the moisturising your hair requires.

Conditioner formulation Details

Nereus London Essential Care Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash and plastic free packaging


All our products are delivered in a beautifully designed plastic free packaging. Adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom but not at the cost of the environment.