Nereus London

Complete Natural Hair and Body Care Set

£50 £59.99

The Full Nereus London set is the perfect introduction to a luxury shower experience without the plastic impact.

See and feel noticeable improvements to your Hair and Skin, all while enjoying a Revitalising aromatherapeutic spa shower experience.

Our extra moisturising viscous body wash formulation is expertly designed with Pink Pepper and Fresh Ginger essential oils to create a refreshing, natural awakening shower experience. Leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

The Shampoo is designed for all hair types and provides a high-quality lather, whilst leaving your hair naturally rejuvenated and nourished.

While our extra thick, rich formulation Conditioner is designed to moisturises and strengthen your hair. 

The 100% natural Australian Buddha Wood and Organic Bergamot essential oils calmly enhances your hair washing experience. 


Please see below the individual formulation details:

Body Wash




Plastic Impact

For every bottle purchased, 1kg of ocean-bound plastic will be recovered via Plastic Bank.

Pack: Zero Black-Plastic, Made from Infinitely recyclable Aluminium

Label: Zero Black-Plastic, Made from wood pulp, biodegradable (Industrial and Home)

Cap: Zero Black-Plastic, Made from Infinitely recyclable Aluminium with food grade seal.

Our Promise

Remember- Our packaging contains no plastic and will behave differently. Over time our natural labels will start to decompose, our bottles and caps start to change colour, all helping to ease the recycling process.

In the unlikely event you would not be satisfied by our products, do not hesitate to reach us.


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