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How do eco-friendly gift sets help the environment?

Making ethical and sustainable buying decisions is an ideal way to help look after our planet.

If you’re looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift set for a loved one, or to treat yourself, then one of our gift sets is guaranteed to make both the recipient and our planet happy.

When you buy eco-friendly, you are supporting companies that are acutely aware of the impact their activity has on the environment.

Some of the key environmental benefits of choosing eco-friendly beauty products and gift sets are:

  • Reducing pollution
  • Reducing waste
  • Protecting natural resources
  • Reducing Co2 emissions
  • Protecting wildlife

When you gift an eco-friendly gift set from Nereus London, you’ll be giving someone a luxury beauty product that has been produced in a way that is genuinely sustainable and kind to the environment.

What is an eco-friendly gift?

When choosing a gift for someone else, it is responsible to not only consider what that person likes, but the impact your buying decision will have on the planet.

This is particularly important when buying for an environment-conscious friend or relative.

A truly eco-friendly gift is one that is produced ethically and sustainably, using materials or ingredients and processes that are kind to the environment.

A good example should have green, social and economic benefits.

What are the benefits of choosing eco-friendly gifts?

When you buy eco-friendly products, you invest in our planet’s future.

Looking after the environment is everybody’s responsibility, and shopping considerately by making eco-friendly buying decisions is just one of the ways you can help.

By choosing a gift set that is eco-friendly over one that is not, you are reducing your carbon footprint, reducing plastic waste and pollution, and looking after our planet and its wildlife.

If you go with one of our spa-quality gift sets, we’re confident that whoever you’re giving it to can enjoy guilt-free pampering with our luxurious products.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

Did you know that up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year? Plastic has become a huge problem for our environment, and environmentally conscious businesses are now searching for more planet-friendly packaging options.

Eco-friendly packaging should be sustainable, plastic-free, and produce little or no waste. Instead, it is usually made from recycled, renewable, natural, or biodegradable materials.

At Nereus London, every product, including our eco-friendly gift sets, has sustainable, biodegradable, plastic-free packaging.

Our sophisticated solutions look the part but won’t harm the environment.

Is your packaging plastic-free?

Yes, here at Nereus London, we have worked hard to ensure that all our packaging, manufacturing, logistics, and even delivery processes are completely plastic-free.

In fact, we are the only premium brand that offers non-plastic packaging!

We are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic polluting the planet, and we want to provide those that share our values with luxury beauty products that are truly sustainable.

Every part of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, even the labels.

Our product packaging and caps are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium, while the labels are made from wood pulp, which will eventually biodegrade.

How do you identify an eco-friendly gift?

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift, then you’ll want to be sure you’re getting one from a company that truly shares your values.

Some companies may advertise their products as being eco-friendly while still using plastic packaging or unsustainable materials or processes.

So how do you identify companies and products that are genuinely eco-friendly?

Features of an eco-friendly gift may include being:

  • Made from natural, organic, or recycled materials
  • Produced sustainably
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic-free
  • Recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Ethically made
  • Made locally

The more of these boxes  a product can tick, the better for the environment. A truly eco-friendly gift should have all of the above covered.

Who can you buy eco-friendly gift sets for?

Our eco-friendly gift sets are suitable for anyone with an interest in hair and skin products. They are designed to be used on all hair and skin types.

Whether you need a thoughtful gift for your mother-in-law, a thank you gift for your boss, a gift to let a special friend know you’re thinking of them, or a treat for yourself, our eco-friendly gift sets can be enjoyed by all.

How long do your eco-friendly gift sets last?

Our eco-friendly gift sets consist of our most popular beauty products. The luxurious, all-natural formulations are long-lasting, but don’t forget our packaging is plastic-free and so may behave differently over time. 

The packaging and cap are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium, which may change colour. Meanwhile, the labels on our packaging are made from wood pulp and will break down.

Why choose Nereus London for eco-friendly gift sets?

When you choose Nereus London for eco-friendly gift sets, you won’t have to compromise on either your values or the quality of the hair or skin products you’re buying.

Our award-winning, premium formulations provide a spa-quality experience at home. We have used natural, organic ingredients, including high-quality essential oils sourced from sustainable farms, to create products that will leave your hair and skin feeling luxuriously healthy and nourished.

You, or the recipient of the gift set, can enjoy our products safe in the knowledge that they are not doing so at the expense of our planet. We are an ethical business that values sustainability and looking after our environment. As well as being the only plastic-free premium hair and skin beauty brand, we have also joined forces with Plastic Bank, who recover and safely process 1kg of ocean-bound plastic for every bottle that we sell.