Why Use Natural Beauty Products?

Natural beauty has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years because consumers are increasingly aware of ingredients in the products they use, and their impact on the planet. Natural beauty products contain organic active ingredients, which are generally a lot better for your body than the synthetic chemicals found in typical body and hair products.

However, while the notion of natural beauty appeals to us all, there’s a lot jargon used in the beauty industry  and understanding  it can sometimes be tricky.

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Here, we explore everything you need to know about the topic, from what is classed as a natural beauty product to why you should consider incorporating them into your skin and hair care routine.

What are natural beauty products?

Natural beauty products often consist of pure, plant-based, or mineral ingredients.

In most instances, they are made from organic components rather than man-made synthetic chemicals.

Why choose natural beauty products?

Frankly speaking, natural hair and body products provide consumers with a safer way to nourish and hydrate their hair and skin without any risks to their health.

This is because they lack the synthetic chemicals used by large beauty brands, which are designed to extend their products’ lifespans but have been associated with many different health problems.

People are becoming more aware now of the potentially harmful impact that artificial ingredients can have on our body and are starting to discover the benefits of natural products.

Health Benefits

According to industry experts, we absorb 60 to 80 per cent of what we put on our skin, so the idea that we're slathering ourselves with chemicals, parabens, and silicones should be a concern.

What we choose to apply can be absorbed into our bloodstream, with various studies demonstrating that artificial ingredients can cause numerous health issues.

For example, research has linked chemicals to hormone issues, skin allergies, and even some types of cancer.

Detailed below are some of the key health benefits of natural beauty products:

Active Ingredients

It is often the synthetic inactive ingredients that increase the appeal of mainstream beauty products in terms of how they smell or look.

However natural skin and hair care alternatives, which contain anywhere between 80 to 99 per cent active ingredients, provide real benefits.

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Products with higher concentrations of active natural ingredients will always be more effective than those that are diluted, and they been proven to change the skin’s structure by working to protect, repair, hydrate, and rejuvenate cells.


One of the biggest issues many consumers face when choosing beauty products is finding one that does not aggravate their skin.

According to a recent Women's Facial Skincare report from Mintel, a whopping 32 per cent of British women would describe their skin as sensitive.

Skin and hair care products made from harsh synthetic chemicals are one of the biggest culprits for redness, rashes, acne, and eczema flare-ups.

However, by using natural beauty products, which have softer hypoallergenic and natural ingredients, the chances of this happening are significantly reduced.

Are natural beauty products tested on animals?

Like with all beauty products, it is important to check the label and research the brand before spending your money.

Natural hair and beauty products may contain organic ingredients, but it does not necessarily mean they have not been tested on animals.

Thankfully, the European Union banned animal testing for cosmetics products and their ingredients in 2013, meaning that all products sold in both the EU and UK markets are guaranteed to be cruelty-free.

Are natural beauty products better for the environment?

Beauty products consisting of natural ingredients can be kinder to the environment, but only when manufacturers prioritise sustainability.

Just because something is labelled as ‘natural’, it is not automatically eco-friendly.

For example, plastic bottles that aren’t recycled and instead end up in landfill are an ongoing source of pollution.

Not only that, chemicals in some products also damage a fragile eco-system when toxins or microplastics are washed into the sea or moved to rivers, streams, and lakes where they can be ingested by marine life before later arriving in our own food chain.

The best natural beauty and skincare products are those which are ethically sourced by brands that genuinely respect the delicate balance of nature.

If we take from nature to create luxurious natural beauty products, we must respect it enough to give back by working to protect it.

Truly natural options are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. All of ours is fully recyclable and plastic-free.

And, for every bottle bought, 1kg of Ocean-Bound Plastic is collected through Plastic Bank.

How to switch to natural beauty products

Opting for natural beauty products can benefit your skin, hair, overall health, and the planet, but how do you make the switch?

The first step is to make a list of the beauty products you use regularly as part of your skin and hair care routine.

From there, you can examine each one to check if they tick the boxes of natural, non-toxic and sustainable.

Those that do not meet the criteria can then be upgraded.

You may be surprised by just how much you can cut out of your regime when looking to streamline a collection that is more environmentally-friendly.

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Once you have a new list, prioritise what you are likely to use most often and begin researching there.

If you are changing your daily regime, then why not look at our award-winning premium natural shampoo and conditioner sets or luxury body care products?

The most important thing to remember is that you want solutions that are kind to the planet, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

Where to buy natural beauty products

We’ve made the case for natural beauty products, but where are the best places to get them? After all, your careful research into ingredients and  packaging would be wasted if you can’t find a reliable marketplace for these goods.

We recommend shopping at organic marketplaces that do the due diligence on brands so you don’t have to. There are plenty out there, such as Wearth London, but you can also buy directly from brands that have their own store.

Here at Nereus London, we have our own store for you check to out but if you’re still wondering about us as a brand, feel free to read up a little bit more. You can check out Our Approach, read about our work with Plastic Bank, or take a gander at our commitment to a plastic-free beauty care industry.