Organic Gifts For Her

Organic beauty products are ethical, luxurious and safe, making them the perfect present for a loved one that deserves pampering.

As a society we are beginning to take better care of our bodies, becoming more informed and cautious about the food we eat and the beauty products we apply to our skin.

As more people turn to plant-based diets, the demand for organic and natural beauty products has grown too.

The benefits of buying organic are huge, not just for our health and well-being, but for the environment too.

So, if you’re searching for the right organic gift for her, investing in a natural beauty gift set could be the perfect way to give the gift of guilt-free pampering.

Natural beauty gift ideas for her

Whether you’re shopping for your mum, sister, grandmother, aunt, daughter, or a dear friend, there are a huge variety of different organic gifts for her to choose from.

Natural beauty products will make the recipient look and feel great, whilst also being good for their body and health.

If you shop around, you’ll be able to find a natural and organic alternative to just about every beauty product out there.

Here are a few of our favourite natural beauty gifts to give and receive:



  • Body wash and soap
  • Bath bombs
  • Moisturiser/lotion
  • Face mask
  • Hand cream and hand sanitiser
  • Exfoliator/scrub
  • Foot cream
  • Face oils and serums
  • Toner
  • Eye cream


  • Foundation
  • Blusher
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Powder
  • Lipstick
  • Nail varnish
  • Eyebrow palette
  • Highlighter
  • Concealer
  • Mascara

There is an option for every budget too. You can gift one specially selected product, an eco-friendly gift set, or even fill a basket with organic goodies customised to the recipient’s skin or hair type - it’s completely up to you!

Organic pampering gifts

Know someone who deserves a pampering session? You don’t get much more luxurious than naturally nourishing, premium organic beauty products.

When you think of detoxing, kicking back, and looking after your body, I’m pretty sure smothering yourself in chemicals isn’t the first thing that comes to mind – yet so many people do just that. Non-organic products are full of man-made chemicals and other synthetic ingredients like silicone, which aren’t exactly luxurious sounding!

When you choose to gift organic beauty products you can rest assured that the product will be natural, safe, and filled with goodness, not harsh chemicals and synthetic substances.

If you’re looking for an organic pampering gift that can provide the recipient with a spa-like experience, try those fragranced with 100% organic essential oils for an aromatherapy experience that awakens the senses.

All our hair and skincare products here at Nereus London are fragranced with 100% natural organic essential oils.

Our sensuous fragrances are each made using a high-quality blend of sustainably farmed natural and organic oils and include:

Organic skincare gift sets

The beauty of gifting a skincare gift set is that there is a set available for everyone.

For easy gifting, choose a luxurious body wash or soap gift set. If you know a bit more about the recipient’s skin type or preferences, you could choose a gift set based on their skin requirements or their favourite fragrance.

Here at Nereus London, our popular organic, aromatherapy body wash gift set is suitable for all skin types. Our duo of body washes come in two different sensuous fragrances, ylang-ylang, and pink pepper and ginger, turning your morning shower or bath into an invigorating and uplifting experience.

Our body washes are made using 100% natural active ingredients and fragrances and are designed to soften and hydrate the skin.

Organic beauty gift sets

Organic beauty sets may cost a little more than mainstream, high street beauty products but  that’s because of the high-quality natural ingredients they contain.

Gifting an organic beauty gift set to a loved one allows them to enjoy the benefits of treating their bodies to naturally nourishing ingredients, rather than harsh, man-made chemicals.

It could even persuade them to make the switch from non-natural products to organic beauty care once they’ve seen the benefits and enjoyed the results.

Buying organic is not only beneficial to the recipient, but also a responsible choice when it comes to looking after our environment. 

Our premium natural duo of body washes make the perfect gift for anyone who deserves pampering or has an interest in natural beauty or looking after the environment.