How To Take Care of Naturally Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair offers the best of both worlds; effortless texture and volume without the high maintenance that very curly hair requires.

To keep naturally wavy hair looking its best, it’s important to develop a hair care routine suitable for your hair type that will nourish each strand from the inside out for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

Read on to discover how to care for wavy hair, including the best products to use and how to keep your hair looking healthy.

The best and worst products for wavy hair

Life would be simpler if there were one miracle product that gave us perfect hair every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even if two people both have wavy hair, they may achieve different results from the same shampoo or conditioner.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s hair in unique and that’s the case for people who have similar hair types. Wavy hair, for example, can come in different thicknesses, textures, and styles, all of which require different products to look at their best.

Whilst we can’t tell you which product will work best for your specific and unique hair; we can recommend the type of products that are healthiest for hair in general.

To keep hair happy and healthy, it’s important to only treat it with gentle, natural, and nourishing ingredients. Many high street haircare brands contain harsh synthetic ingredients that can do more damage than good to your hair and scalp. These include products containing sulfates, parabens, and silicones. Sulfates can be particularly damaging to wavy hair as they strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils, leaving it exposed, dry, and susceptible to damage.

We recommend checking the ingredients list before investing in hair care products and only buying organic and natural products that will nourish your hair from the inside out.

Here at Nereus London, we sell a range of detoxing and hydrating shampoos and conditioners that are free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, and other harsh chemicals. Instead, our natural hair care products use natural active ingredients and organic essential oils to achieve soft, smooth, and healthy waves.

How often should I wash my wavy hair?

Finding the optimum frequency for washing your wavy hair can take a little bit of trial and error.

Wavy hair can be prone to becoming dry and frizzy, which over-washing can exacerbate. You want to aim to wash your wavy hair as infrequently as you can without letting it become dirty or greasy.

Those with very thick wavy hair will probably find that they can go longer between washes than those with thin wavy hair.

Most people with wavy hair will only need to wash it once or twice a week, but those with very thick wavy hair may be able to go even longer between washes.

How often should I get my wavy hair cut?

How often you get your hair cut will be heavily influenced by how fast your hair grows, as well as your hairstyle.

Most people with wavy hair benefit from getting their hair cut roughly every six to eight weeks to keep it looking neat and to remove any damaged ends before they get worse or start to break.

Styling products for wavy hair

The marketplace for styling products for wavy hair is huge and the range of products available can be quite overwhelming. However, here’s a quick list of some useful styling products available for wavy hair:

  • Detangling spray
  • Wave defining cream
  • Sea salt sprays
  • Curl primers
  • Hair oil
  • Hair serums
  • Hairspray
  • Curl jelly or custard
  • Styling gel
  • Finishing mist
  • Leave-in conditioner

Wavy hair that is feeling a little tired or dry may benefit from applying a moisturising leave-in conditioner, hair oil, or serum before styling to make it softer, smoother, and reduce frizz.

Hairstyling products designed for wavy hair like curl primers and curl or wave defining creams can help to moisturise hair and define waves for bouncier, shinier, smoother looking hair.

Curl jelly or custard and other styling gels can define your waves and some of these products also give hair a slightly shiny, wet-look finish.

Hairsprays and finishing mists will help to hold your waves in place once you’ve got them looking just right.

The right wavy hair styling products for you will depend on your hairstyle, hair type, and personal preference. It will usually take some trial and error to find the perfect products for you and your hair but the best foundation is a natural, healthy shampoo and conditioner.