Four Ways That Plastic Is Destroying The Earth

It’s no secret that there is a plastic pollution crisis. It’s projected that plastic pollution will weigh as much as 1.3 billion tonnes in just two more decades. The impact of this pollution on the land and the ocean is almost unfathomable. But why exactly is plastic so damaging? Here, we provide some insight into why plastic pollution is so damaging and why we must all work together to stop it.

People picking up plastic bottle waste

Plastic Pollution’s Impact on The Ocean

It’s well-documented that plastic waste has a devastating impact on our oceans. As plastic is blown into the sea, it breaks down into tiny fragments and, crucially, does not biodegrade. As plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it can be eaten by marine animals and slowly kill them and destroy their habitats. Tragically, more than 100,000 sea turtles and birds are killed by plastic entanglement and ingestion every year!

How Plastic Contaminates The Land

As well as slowly destroying our oceans, the chemicals from plastic waste can slowly leach into our soil and contaminate the land. In landfill sites, plastic can take millennia to decompose. During this time, the chemicals that plastic is made of seep down into the ground and pollutes both the soil and the groundwater deep within the earth.


Plastic Is Made Using Oil

The production process that plastic goes through also harms the environment. The mass-production of plastic requires the mass-production of oil. Before we even start to think about the impact that plastic waste has, you have to also count the harmful emissions that are released into the atmosphere during the oil mining and transportation process.


The Impact Plastic Has on Humans

Finally, plastic has a real impact on us. As our food supply begins to be contaminated by plastic, so too do we. Moreover, communities in less-developed nations across the globe are suffering from plastic waste dumping. We often sell our waste to less-developed countries which have more space, but less infrastructure. As such, it’s often the case that this plastic is dumped en masse which speeds up the process of food-supply pollution and the pollution of the earth and the sea.


Nereus: A Plastic-Free Solution To Hair and Body Care

Here at Nereus, we understand the vital importance of protecting the planet we live on - it’s the only one we have! That’s why we’re a committed plastic-free company. We aim to move the luxury beauty care industry away from single-use plastics by becoming an important part of the solution. With every bottle of Nereus products you purchase, our partners Plastic Bank will prevent 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic from further polluting our planet!


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