Healthy hair begins with a healthy foundation, therefore it is incredibly important to take care of your scalp in order to promote positive, long-lasting hair results. 

When people hear the word ‘detox’, they tend to believe that simply ditching products with harsh chemicals and low-quality ingredients is the quickest fix. However, this is pointless if you don’t rebalance your scalp and remove the impurities built up overtime from these products.

One of the best ways to achieve optimal scalp health is through detoxifying your hair. This is because detoxifying shampoo and conditioners remove dirt, oil, and product build-up from the scalp. This eliminates suffocating impurities from the scalp and stimulates hair follicles, allowing for healthy hair growth.

Another massive factor that contributes to scalp issues is build-up, which involves dead skin, oil, and sweat clogging up your hair follicles and, suffocating your scalp. This can lead to hair loss, a dry and itchy scalp, as well as a multitude of other severe scalp related conditions.

Therefore, the ability to identify when your hair is in serious need of a detox is vital if you want to prevent further damage. Signs that you need to detox your hair include:

  • Scalp pain or sensitivity
  • Itchy, oily, or inflamed scalp
  • Dry follicles 
  • Excessive dandruff
  • Hair loss and thinning

There is a universal desire for a miracle in a bottle – a quick fix to help solve any and every hair concern. While this is an impossibility, detoxifying your hair is the next best option. As a detox tackles the root cause of damage (literally), it is crucial to understand your specific hair type in order to choose the best detoxifying products for you.

What are the benefits of a scalp detox?

Minimises scalp itchiness and dandruff. Using a detoxifying shampoo and conditioner not only draws out impurities from the scalp, but works to nourish and hydrate your hair. This neutralises the scalp and balances out the natural oils that have been affected by build-up.

Promotes healthy hair growth. Detoxifying your hair boosts antioxidants, reducing the risk of damage throughout the rest of your hair. 

Removes build-up that causes dull hair and scalp imbalance. A scalp detox helps purify hair follicles and works to dissolve accumulated product, sweat, and daily dirt.

Purifies the scalp of odour-causing bacteria. Like a sponge, your scalp absorbs everything that is applied to it. This can lead to your scalp being overwhelmed by built up product, resulting in impurities and odours.

Are you ready for some tips to help prevent build-up and maintain a healthy scalp?

Focus on your scalp. Dirt tends to accumulate on the scalp more so than the ends of your hair, therefore it is important to focus on shampooing your scalp in order to target the source. The ends of your hair are prone to drying out as a result of shampoo, therefore it is more effective to let the excess shampoo travel to your ends naturally.

Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water before applying shampoo. Warm water also opens up hair cuticles, so shampoo can get inside and remove build-up more effectively. Water helps the product spread more easily throughout the hair and limits the amount of shampoo you need to use. 

Be gentle. Harsh scrubbing can result in breakage. Gently massaging your roots with your fingers and palms rather than with your nails ensures that your hair follicles will be stimulated effectively, without the risk of injury from harsh scrubbing.

Here at Nereus, our detoxifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner are free from silicones, sulphates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. The use of our products will therefore help to minimise build-up and purify the scalp, nourishing your hair from the inside out. 

It is so important to incorporate a detoxifying shampoo and conditioner into your hair care routine. For those who apply a range of products to their scalp, to those with more severe scalp related issues, the path to restore your beautiful hair is only a detox way! 


Written by Tamia Mullaney for Nereus London