Can Cosmetics Be Organic?

What Does Organic Mean in Cosmetics?

Organic is a word you hear a lot in this day and age. When it comes to organic cosmetics, the generally agreed-upon definition is a product that only contains ingredients that are either natural or naturally derived. While that sounds fine, the issue here is that there is not an official set of rules from an objective government agency that decides what can be classified as organic or not. 

The knock-on effect of this issue is that the word ‘organic’ is often used as a marketing tool rather than a guarantee of a truly organic product. You see all sorts of items labelled or positioned as being organic, regardless of whether they actually are or not, and truly organic products can get lost in the sea of greenwashing.

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Unlike food, which is heavily regulated by governments in terms of whether it can be labelled as organic or not, the beauty industry is not subject to that level of scrutiny. Basically, companies can talk the talk and label themselves as being a producer of organic products without ever really having to justify their green credentials. 

How Organic Cosmetics Affect Your Skin

It’s almost strange to think that products that we put on our bodies and are absorbed through our skin and hair, are not considered by regulatory bodies as being as important as the food and drink we eat - but that’s the reality of the situation. 

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Truly organic cosmetics are often better for your skin because they don’t contain the harsh chemicals that can have all sorts of negative impacts on your health and body. Chemicals such as parabens and sulfates often feature in standard shampoos, body washes and the like, and they’re nothing but bad news. From being potentially carcinogenic to disrupting your production of endocrine, you want to stay away from those substances as much as possible. This is why it’s important to know exactly what you’re applying to hair or slathering on your skin and to make sure that these are clean beauty products free from the nasties we’ve talked about. 

Benefits of Organic Cosmetics

The benefits from organic cosmetics and beauty products are not just found in the fact that you’re avoiding all those harsh chemicals, either. Natural ingredients consist of many different properties that are hugely beneficial for your hair and skin. If we take a look at one of our own products as an example, you can see exactly what I mean. 

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Our award-winning shampoo contains many different organic ingredients. The first worth mentioning is Pomegranate Enzyme. This ingredient serves to strengthen your hair and exfoliate your scalp, which is a vital part of giving your hair a deep cleanse. It works really well in tandem with Witch Hazel Water, which also goes to work on your scalp and alleviates itchiness. Next, there’s Sea Kelp, which moisturises your hair and gives it that natural shine, and finally there’s Bergamot Oil, which softens your hair, encourages it to grow healthily and leaves it smelling glorious.  

Where to Buy Organic Cosmetics

The best places to buy organic cosmetics from are dedicated marketplaces that specialise in natural products. The reason for this is simple - their reputation as a seller relies on their ability to discern between truly organic beauty products and ones from brands that are greenwashing. These sellers often have a strict set of criteria for companies that want them to stock their products, so they do the research and test the products before they agree to host them. Basically, they do the work so you don’t have to. 

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One of the best places that does this is Wearth London. Funnily enough, they’re based just twenty miles away from us and they specialise in all sorts of eco-friendly and ethical products. Their purpose is to offer you a place to shop that aligns with your ethical values, as well as to champion locally made British products and companies. Another place to try would be The Organic Boutique. Their ethos is right in line with our own, as they share the desire to help make the consumer world sustainable and ethical. They only stock brands that reflect their values, so you can be sure that it’s a great place to buy organic cosmetics.