A Nereus Miracle: The Gift of Giving

Now that the Black Friday frenzy is finally over, just about everyone is getting their Christmas spirits up for the HO-HO- HOliday. 

Here at Nereus London, we had a really productive year and are delighted to welcome more and more of you to be a part of our journey. We know that you appreciate your loved ones and the people around you as much as we appreciate you, but if you’re still struggling with what to get for your family, hubby, or wife, we’ve got you! This is the perfect chance to tick a few more things off your Christmas shopping list by relishing the gift of giving. We hope you’ll enjoy this special sale as much as we enjoy our favourite holiday! 

Christmas Gift Bundles

  • Nereus Christmas Eco-Friendly
  • For a wonderful smell, to feel luxurious, and be inspired by nature

  • Stocking Fillers Box
  • Three for £9.99 

    Don’t leave the area around your Christmas tree or fireplace empty! What’s a better gift than sharing the Nereus and Christmas experience with your friends and family? Lift everyone’s holiday spirits by lifting their shower routine and indulging in the gift of giving. Hurry up and add these last-minute gifts to your shopping bag, and may the gifting begin!

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! x - Love James and Diana (Co-founders of Nereus London)