10 ways to keep your curly hair looking good

Those with curly hair are often the envy of all their friends. Whether you have beautiful waves, dainty ringlets, or tight curls, curly hair is a blessing, but it can take some practice to find a curly hair care routine that works well.

In this article, we will look at some of the common problems faced by people with curly hair and offer some hair care advice that’ll help you keep your curls looking their best.

Common problems with curly hair

Those with curly hair can experience all the same hair problems as those with other hair types, however, the most common struggles are:

  • Knots
  • Frizz
  • Breakage
  • Dryness

Quite simply, the key to beautiful manageable curls is healthy hair.

The most important thing you can do to keep your curly hair looking good is to nourish it., treat it gently and make sure that it’s hydrated and healthy. The healthier your hair is, the more manageable it will be, and the more manageable it is, the fewer knots and frizz you will have to deal with.

So which culprits do the most damage to curly hair?

  • Chemical straightening
  • Heated drying and styling tools
  • Haircare products containing harsh, chemical ingredients

If you’re struggling to keep your curly hair in check, read on to find out some of the best way to care for your locks.

Our top 10 curly hair care tips

Curly hair may need to be treated slightly differently from other hair types to keep it in tip-top condition, so here are our top 10 tips:


Keep washing to a minimum

How infrequently you can get away with washing your hair will depend entirely on your hair type, how curly your hair is and how thick it is. Curly hair is often naturally drier than most other hair types, so over-washing can exacerbate that dryness. Try to aim to wash your hair no more than once or twice a week. Those with very thick and curly hair may even be able to get away with only washing it once every 2-3 weeks.

Deep condition and detangle before washing

Curly hair can benefit from conditioning and detangling before washing. Use a naturally nourishing deep conditioning product or a hair oil like argan oil to hydrate and soften your curls before washing. Let the conditioner soak into your hair for a good 30 minutes if you have time and carefully detangle your hair with your fingers before stepping into the shower to wash your hair.

Only use natural hair care products

Most curly hair care products available on the high street contain harsh, synthetic ingredients that can dry out and damage curly hair, leaving it dull, frizzy, and unmanageable. One common ingredient to steer clear of is sulfates, including sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Sulfates are strong detergents used to create a lather and wash dirt and grease from hair, but they can also cause unwanted side effects including dry, frizzy hair and irritated skin.

Wash hair using cool water

Curly hair is prone to dryness and hot water dries hair and skin out, so it’s very important to check the temperature of the water you’re washing your curls in. Aim for lukewarm or cool water and finish with a blast of cold.

Don’t skip the conditioner

Soft, nourished, and hydrated curls look best, so don’t be afraid of using conditioner. Curly hair that has been conditioned is also less likely to suffer from the frizzing and knotting that can be so damaging.


Detangle hair with your fingers

The best way to go about detangling curly hair after washing is to work in sections. Using your fingers to carefully ease the tangles out allows you to detangle your hair more gently. Using a comb or a brush to detangle curls whilst your hair is still wet can easily damage or pull out hair.

Use a microfibre towel

Cloth towels can be rough on your hair, causing damage to strands, roughing up hair, making it knotty, and even disrupting the natural shape of your waves or curls. Microfibre towels are much softer and gentler on your hair. Use the towel to gently squeeze the water out of your hair rather than rubbing it.

Dry hair gently

How you choose to dry your hair will depend entirely on your lifestyle and hair type. The gentlest method is always air drying, and this will keep your hair the healthiest, but some people find that their curls look better if they dry with a hairdryer and diffuser. Another popular drying method for curls is the ‘plop’ method where you simply pile your hair on the top of your head and cover it with some soft cotton material, drying in this way can help to achieve more defined curls.


Apply styling products to wet hair

There are a whole host of different styling products out there for curly hair including mousses, serums, creams, and oils. Styling products can help those with curly hair to achieve softer, bouncier, shinier curls, and beat the frizz. The product best for you will depend very much on your hair type and the look you want to achieve. When shopping around for styling products, be sure to choose those that contain gentle and natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy and happy. Most styling products work best when applied to wet hair as this helps to lock in moisture and set your curls.

Avoid heated styling tools

Heated styling tools like hair straighteners and curling tongs are not good for any hair type but can be particularly damaging for curly hair, which already tends to be drier than other hair types. Using heated tools can quickly cause curly hair to become dry, brittle, and damaged.

Nereus London hair care products

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