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Enriched with naturally sourced essential oils and free from harmful chemicals and pollutants, every product from the Nereus London range is here to revolutionise your approach to hair and body care. 

Get a spa experience while using products that revive and protect your skin, hair and the planet, shop the Nereus London collection today.

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Australian Buddha Wood & Bergamot Natural Shampoo - Nereus London

Meet the founders

 Nereus London was born out of a need for genuinely sustainable premium beauty care products.

There are many brands that have launched sustainable offerings but almost always at some cost - whether it’s to the aesthetics, product performance, or both. We didn’t want to compromise on any of those factors, so we endeavoured to create packaging that looks, feels and is premium, natural formulations that actually work, and 100% natural fragrances that are both organic and smell amazing.

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Why We Chose Plastic Bank

Why We Chose Plastic Bank

Today’s blog focuses on why we decided to form a partnership with Plastic Bank and how they’re helping with environmental sustainability Waste pl...

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